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Liberty Towing Service LLC

Liberty was Formed in May 2009 with the Goal of Returning the Personal Touch and Customer Service Back to the Local Market.

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Paula Buege

June 11 2017

Can I just tell you guys - you flipping rock ! Thank you Tom and Adam! Thank you, thank you thank you.  You literally save a human's home on Friday.  My son Justin (from East Side Transmission) is right, you guys are the best.  

I am bringing the shop lunch this week.


*(And she did bring an amazing lunch in for everyone ! Thank you Paula !)

Paige Campbell Haldeman

March 20 2017

Liberty Towing is the best! I had car trouble on a Sunday and didn't really know what to do.  The customer service and price at Liberty Towing were better than nearby competitors, and the young man who gave me a tow, Chance, was very kind, professional, and informative.  I highly recommend this company! 

Toby Kinslerr

April 13 2017

Nothing short of exceptional and professional service. I've used Liberty towing before and I will exclusively use them in the future.  Customer service is critical in any industry and from the intake to the guys running the big rigs, Liberty rates above class in this area.  Quinten and Adam - thank you so much for your ability to problem solve a complex challenge.

Penny Duane

Jan 16 2017

Liberty Towing Service was amazing.  They cam within 5 minutes of my frantic call. I had a very nice man change my tire and I was back on the road within 15 minutes. It was on a holiday during an ice storm and on a very busy highway (51) so I was a little anxious.  I am going to recommend them to all my friends and I will be calling them again if i have an issue.